First time bare in public? Thatis a great question.

So young that I can not recall. My maternal grand-parents were practical and frugal, and that set the attitude towards clothing. Do not get your clothes dirty. “If you are going to play in the mud, take your clothes off.”
As a child, I had a vitamin D deficiency, and there were two solutions, cod liver oil (yuk) and more sun. Since sun was free and my parents didn’t have to induce me to take it, playing nude was the alternative.
Being raised in the rural Lower Mainland of BC, most of it was rural then, researching (hiking) with your playmates (boys and girls) was the common task (no sports fields), if you got too warm, you went skinny dipping in the following creek, no big deal.
As a kid I didn’t have a bathing suit or a tuxedo. “Why purchase something that you’ll barely ever use?” Going to the beach was a special event, maybe twice annually, and when we did, it was to one end of the shore. Mum had a bathing (the only one in the family). Father went in the water in his panties. Granny brought another house-dress to wear in the water. Grandpa, my brother and myself went in the water nude but dressed on the shore.

Would you think that my family was very spiritual at this time? They were, but “small apparel” meant don’t flaunt your wealth, not hide what God created, your body. When I was a teen/young adult there were a lot of areas in the Lower Mainland that we would go to and celebration and skinny dip, but many of them have become regional parks now. didn’t have a problem with nudity, she’d strip anytime and anywhere. I was too conservative.
When I was dating my second wife, Germaine, I in invited her to Wreck Beach. The response was “I Will go, but I’m wearing a bathing suit.” While pursuing one of my sons, she fell out of her top, and away it arrived. About 10 minutes after, “What the hell.” and away came the rest. The subsequent year the climb/hike became a difficulty for Germaine, so we looked for a nudist club. We found and joined the previous Sunny Trails Club in Surrey, and have been part of organized nudism ever since.
We’re likely not accurate Nudists/ Naturists because we really believe that nakedness is natural and not sexual. They truly don’t, or there won’t be so many rules to show that it isn’t. Do not do this or that, or do not wear this or that, because it might seem to be sexual. More on this at an other time.

Ah, nudists! Through the years I’ve grown to really appreciate nudists and nudist

hangouts in general. Now, as a youthful kids, closer to infancy, I remember we always made like Tommy from the Rugrats and continuously stripped our clothes off. Our parents ran round the house attempting to pick up the articles of clothing as we ran by them, tossing off something different. (Eventually they recorded all our clothes on with duct tape and then further fastened us to our high chair with said tape. Your parents did not tape you? Oh, well then I might’ve merely been among . Oh I jest, calm down) As a
Kid, I had to go through my parents divorce, then the awkward decision of attempting to figure out who to live with. Initially, I resided with my mother for a couple years. I still remember all the different roommates we had living with us homosexual, straight, male or female, folks from many walks of life. For that I thank her because I grew up being socially well rounded with numerous belief systems and lifestyles around me. One roommate, whom I still have as a good friend in my life, was a gentleman (whom well call George) who practiced nudism. Well, not that you have to “practice being nude” since we all are under our clothes anyhow, but those who favor that lifestyle do have a tendency to drop those outer garments a lot! To his credit, instead of merely being nude on a regular basis, he always made sure that it would be acceptable with the rest of the roommates including my mother, my sister and I, before he seemed undressed, so that everyone in the house wouldnt be too bothered when he was “practicing his lifestyle.” Of course as a young girl, the sight of a naked guy running around the house can be something of a giggle, but because of how I ‘d been brought up, I wasnt bothered by it. When I wanted to have non-nudist friends over, I would be sure to tell him so ahead of time and he would instantly go throw on a set of shorts with no complaint. So that the system we had in the family worked just fine.
My mom was very openly enthusiastic about nudity also, as well as all those other taboo issues that come up awkwardly when youre a teenager when talking with your parents. To her credit, instead of waiting until my sister and I reached our teenager years, she made sure that we understood about different things that go on in other peoples houses, behind closed doors, and even in our dwelling not that being nude was a huge matter. ( I have no doubt if our President and his staff ran around naked, the countrys reaction would be one of total approval!)] Mother was a “not everywhere, not all the time” nudist, meaning she liked to hang out at home nude, run around the backyard nude, but not run around a nudist park. Social nudity outside with several hundred other folks merely wasnt her thing.
It was, nevertheless, Georges thing, and he belonged to a local nudist resort and spent most weekends there. I recall asking him about the area and he always replied enthusiastically about it as being nice and also a fun area, but I wasnt quite ready yet.

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He made a standing invitation for my mom, my sister and I to go whenever we determined it was time, but he would not do so without my mothers written permission and with everyone’s entire understanding of what the conduct rules were there. Finally, maybe a year later, my mother and sister did go with him, and enjoyed the experience very much. But by then I had moved out and lived with my father and stepmom and was being raised in a fairly sheltered, spiritual sort of manner. This whole nudist thing didnt appear sinful, but modesty was drilled into my head, so I was less receptive to the concept of being nude around others until a few years after.
Then came the “Great Rebellion of Age Fourteen,” and one day while hanging out at my mothers house I finally got the guts to ask George if I could go with him to this nudist resort and see what all the fuss was about. We both made sure it was fine with my mom, and it was, so away we went to the nudist park! Being the shy, clumsy youngster I was, I didn’t run around dropping my clothing right away. Rather, I believe the first few times I fastened myself in the pool and scarcely left it, except possibly to play a game of badminton. (Yes,I played badminton as a youngster. You didn’t? Gosh you really missed out! Oh yes, so back to naked badminton…) It wasnt that I was uncomfortable in the area, because everyone was extremely pleasant and supportive. I guess I played badminton to avoid staring at individuals. It’s hard not to stare at fifty or so folks lounging about like lizards in the sun without a shred of clothes on. Specially when you’re fourteen. Obviously, when you’re fourteen, you also thank for your youth and taut skin. One thing I understand I can thank the nudists for were their bashes.
It’s uncanny how many parties they throw. I think they sit in front of a calendar saying ‘Ok, so Halloween is coming up at the end of the month, then there is Thanksgiving, but damnit! There must be something in between!” Then they realize there is Election Day (which is not actually something to observe these days), Veteran’s Day, and Eid Al-Fitr (for all you fasting nudists out therethough they’re hard to find). Those days are celebratory enough, so they throw a party and have plenty of food and sit around drinking their cocktails, eating everything in sight (at least I did), and celebrating their nakedness, er I mean the holiday at hand.
On one such holiday, I can not remember which, they had one very talented member of the resort staff doing body painting on anyone who was interested. Now, in the event you’ve never had a paintbrush dragged across your bottom, well let me tell you, it tickles! I made the decision to get up enough nerve to have the gentleman paint a dragon from my shoulder to just under my rear. It looked wonderful, really! Everyone was telling me how awesome it looked, on me and only in general. I believe even a German television crew was there filming the festivities. Those Germans, they will put anything on television – even a bunch of ol’ nude folks. But so I pranced around all day, displaying my backside to every adoring onlooker. Afterwards, much of my body shyness dissipated after that day.
After that I made many return visits and then I started looking forward to it almost every weekend, as I ‘d made many friends there of all ages, and enjoyed being able to just lounge about in the sun. I appreciated it so much, after a couple of years I quietly began telling some of my buddies about it. To my surprise many were interested themselves, and eventually I brought to the resort a girl friend from high school. Later the same year I brought there my boyfriend at the time (even though he proved to be a whole lot more religiously repressed than I ever was.) And still after that summer, I brought an Internet buddy from Ohio while he seen to share his first day of social nudity with our club members. Over the next couple of years, I invited quite several pals to join me at the resort, and all of them wound up having a terrific experience! As it is possible to view, this lifestyle is something that now I really enjoy sharing with folks I know. As a young woman, I’ve finally moved out on my own, and I appreciate running around my very own house nude whenever I get the opportunity (and at my mothers house whenever I return to visit.) I’m now proud to say I’m a Nudist (with a capital “N”), and I have my mom and her roommate George to thank for it, those many years back.
That all being said, I think I have some sunning to do. It is a fairly wonderful day and I’ve a great balcony that is calling to me.

Now this is an experience still gives me nightmares up to this

I was an associate of a group before and we would usually practice at night when everyone’s off from school or work at a friend’s garage, we were all about exactly the same age, around 20-24, I was 20 then and among the most youthful so was our pianist who was also a girl, my sister who was not an associate of the group, would often join us when we practice since she likes hanging out with the guys… then we had the men: the drummer, the lead guitarist, the bassist, the rhythm guitarist and (extra) percussionist
On this specific night however, two more guys joined the practice solely for the heck of it… right in the middle of one song, the lights went out!

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after a couple of minutes of panicking, we found out from a neighbor that it was a citywide blackout, as well as the lights will not be back until after about 2 hrs
We were devastated! we desired to practice for , so we decided to stay and wait for the lights to come back on so we could practice some more… and so we remained…
But it was getting hotter and the mosquitoes kept buzzing around our heads if not biting us… one of the guys suggested we go take a dip in the little river just behind the house… everybody said yes so we all trooped down to the river…
However when we got there, we realized we didnt have bathing suits!!!LOL… so I said: well it’s dark anyway, why don’t we just take off our clothes and dive right in?! someone chirped: great thought!
All the guys got busy taking off their shirts and short pants, and jumped into the water inside their briefs…it was pitch dark and we couldn’t see a thing no matter how much we extend our eyes!!!lol but my sister and i and the pianist (we were the only girls there) were fairly uncertain..we didnt need our underwears to get wet, or else our parents might find out we didnt “exactly” practice but went swimming in the river instead…we’d be grounded for sure! so we said among ourselves: they won’t see a thing anyway, so let’s just take evrything away and jump into the river fast!!!!
So we discard all our underwear bra and panties and everything in and dived right into the cold water!!! whew!! what a relief!! the water felt cold on our warm and mosquito-bitten bodies and the men didnt even know that we took off even our underwears!!! hahaha
While swiming though, a number of the guys would come near us and splash water on our faces, some would try to shove us playfully but we had to stay away from them as far as possible..or else they might find out our secret!lol
After a couple of minutes cooling off in the water, everyone had had enough, so we all decided to get out of the water and merely wait for the light to come back on inside our buddy’s house…
The 2 girls and I decided we should get out of the water together with the men so that they would all be too busy getting into their own clothes that they won’t see us placing our underwear back on
So we got out of the water together with the guys…
while we were still attempting get into our underwear hurriedly…would u consider???? the fucking lights suddenly went back ON!!!! and it was so bright you wouldnt even believe it was !!! it took us a split second to understand the lights came back on, when we did, we needed to pick up our clothes and scamper behind a vast tree for cover!!!
The guys were briefly blinded by the flood of light so we guess (hopefully) they didnt see anything..except for the flash of some naked buttocks and the panties left lying on the earth!!!lol… and yes, those were mine (both the panties and the buttocks)
They all just laughed and tried to make light of things while my sister rushed dressing up so she is able to pick my panties up from the earth and give it back to me…
After that, we all went back to practice laughing but nobody mentioned anything about seeing whatever… However I doubt if they didnt talk about it when us girls aren’t there

My history without clothes has been long but fairly unpredictable.

As I read in this forum, there are many who have been comfortable with nudity since childhood.
That was definitely not possible for me in the very traditional dwelling in which I was raised. I do recall quite vividly my first encounter. When I was 13, our family was trailor camping in a forest in the south of England. It was a wonderful morning and I was up before anyone else. I stepped outside in the dewy morning in my pajamas and found a path leading away into the woods. The temptation was . Once I was out of sight, I took off all my clothing and ran naked through the forest. It was a wonderful feeling! Regrettably, it was not an experience I really could repeat readily. As I grew through my teen years, there was no possibility of being nude at home or in the back yard.
I had to be met wearing brief knickers and I’d sometimes lie on a towel in the yard. My mother wasn’t thrilled, but didn’t say too much. Some years after, I was married and I remember with great fondness a day when my youthful bride and I walked naked in a field. It was a great feeling of independence, but not one which has been repeated often. Over time, I’ve visited Wreck Beach when I was visiting Vancouver. There I found people quite open and taking. Unlike many I ‘ve read around in this newsgroup, I didn’t have some hesitation about taking off my clothing with strangers. It was a very freeing experience. I remember once lying across a log from a young woman and a few young men who were having a dialogue.
They were completely ordinary in the things they discussed although they and I were naked. I thought what a great awareness of self confidence each person revealed, particularly the young woman. Perhaps that’s what a lot of individuals lack, the self confidence and positive self image to be themselves even when they are clothed. My children are grown now so my wife is much more accepting of my being nude round the home and in the lawn. She smiles at me and recognizes that when I have been able to lie in the sun naked for an hour or so, I’m so a whole lot more relaxed. She says, “If this is what it takes for you to be relaxed, I’m all for it”.

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This implies that it is o.k. for me to be naked and have no tan lines.
She doesn’t particularly share my enthusiasm. For those who are readily able to be naked and free at home, the seashore or the club, enjoy that freedom. Not all people can experience that degree of freedom and enjoy being comfortable within their own skin, whether they are naked alone or with others.

First Nudist Encounter with a Buddy

I never grew up thinking much of nudism, it simply was not on my mind. In my mid 20s I discovered how much I loved being nude after I took showers, and would begin spending more and more time nude at home. I imagine I was a part-time household nudist for some time, which was excellent.

After some time, I believed I’d like to try social nudism, but I wasn’t sure if I had the nerve. Heck, I’d never even been naked in a locker room. Our school just had us change clothing, so down to knickers was about the most exposure I ‘d with others.

After a couple of years, I finally decided to give it a shot. I had chatted online with lots of nudists and found another man my age who resided close to me. One day I drove over to his apartment (hands trembling with the first timer nerves) to meet up. Rang the doorbell, and much to my surprise he answered the front door nude and invited me in. While I was caught off guard (I believed we’d talk somewhat in person before nudity), I still believed it was cool and also a pretty great ice breaker.

So, I thought to myself “when in Rome” and within about 30 seconds of assembly, I’d stripped down in his front hall! It was just like ripping off a bandaid! Of course it was a considerably more freeing and liberating experience than taking off a bandaid. Much to my surprise, I wasn’t embarrassed or self-conscious to be standing there naked in front of a complete stranger. It was exhilarating.

We hung out for a few hours, talked about nudism, watched TV, played cards (not strip poker, of course). It was a great experience and I’m happy I finally gave it a shot after all those years.

That was about 5-6 years ago and I am still participating in social nudism – whether it is at a friend’s house or at a nude beach or resort. Glad I eventually gave it that first shot and never looked back!

-Bryan S
Richmond, Virginia
I always knew I was a nudist

Even at an extremely young age, I enjoyed being naked. I had two other brothers growing up so I found it hard to have any privacy to be naked. My parents had over 6 acres of land as well as on a hot sunny day I would go off by myself and strip off all my clothing and lay in sunlight.

As I got older and moved out on my own, I began to sleep nude; nothing is more relaxing than that to get a good night’s sleep. On the weekends, if I was not going anywhere I ‘d be naked around the house for the whole day and do whatever.

Six years ago I eventually made to go to my first nude beach located at Playalinda Beach. It did not take myself quite long to be naked like everyone else. For the following four years I kept going back once or two times a year. My only regret is that I did not go sooner. This past September I finally ran my first nude 5k race at cypress cove. I enjoyed so much that I’ve signed up for two races this year.

Today, whenever I can I am always naked in my house or at a nudist resort being free of clothing and stresses; there is nothing like it.

-John V.
Naturism Takes Flight

Sometimes, I will jokingly remark that I owe my thanks and my love for naturism to my employer. You see, I work in the airline travel business as a flight crew member. Back in the day when airlines offered onboard magazines as an amenity for flying customers, I was nonchalantly thumbing through the pages of one of the publications entitled “Outside.”

It offers its readers info and guidance about outdoor recreational sports equipment and traveling. Among the pages of this specific problem comprised a vibrant pictorial advertisement for Lee Baxandall’s, “World Guide To Nude Beaches & Recreation”. The name of Lee Baxandall will be understood by or nudist equally (of which I was neither at the time). Lee first took up the activity of naturism in Wisconsin as an Eagle Scout. Afterwards, in 1980, he became the founding member of The Naturist Society. He’s likewise an inductee into AANR’s Nudist Hall of Fame. But I digress. His highest guide to nudism in natural settings peaked my curiosity. With pencil & paper, I jotted down the address of where to purchase my copy of the spent record of places where a person can vacation, camp, swim and socialize without wearing a single stitch of fabric. A couple weeks prior to my meeting with Mr. Baxandall’s guide, I ‘d coordinated an upcoming week of holiday alone in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. After receiving my copy in the post, I instantly turned to the section of nudist beaches situated in the Aloha State and chanced upon “Little Beach”. When it was time to board my flight for Maui (this time as a regular dude and not a working crew member), I anxiously expected the second I’d finally experience an entire week on the sand and by the ocean wearing nothing but my skin along with a grin. That first expected ‘simple’ moment has now come and gone. And my memory of it brings many descriptive words to head: natural, liberating, freeing, exuberating, sensuous yet non sexual, energizing, rejuvenating and much more. And for me, the ‘so-much-more’ comprises religious reconnection. I believe my nakedness doesn’t belong to me, but rather to Creation. NAKED is how I was ‘created’ and brought into the world. THAT, within itself, makes it religious in nature for me. It makes it a great thing, balanced and pure; nothing to be ashamed of nor to hide. Instead, I see my nakedness as something to embrace and to be lived. I’d like to let it breathe my existence. Inside my view, to refuse my nakedness is to denounce my Creator’s development. I do not want to silence that breath. It’s a present. I desire it to prosper. I would like it to grow. And in so doing, I express my sincerest kind of gratitude to the “Giver” of that present; oh, and gratitude to my employer for carrying that magazine on the airplane. And for granting me the coveted perk of air travel. It is an ideal means by which to discover and experience more of this beautiful planet’s Au-Naturel destinations. Today, I still adore flying high Au Naturel!

Long Time Nudist

When I was still a kid I always felt good when I was naked, so I’d always make sure I had to walk to the restroom to take a bath and back to my room nude. as soon as I turned 8 years old I started sleeping naked and also would sit around or lay on my bed in my room bare all the time, and when no one was home, I’d always be nude in other parts of my house.

When I turned 12 years old I had a pal and streaking was a huge craze then, so we would streak every chance we got. Unfortunately my family would not have consented for me to be a nudist, so I could not tell them, nor be bare in front of them.

as soon as I went into my own house I was naked all of the time. I always strove to persuade my girlfriends that they would enjoy being a nudist but most wouldn’t try it, as well as the ones that attempted it did not like it, but I constantly continued being nude all of the time because it is the only way I want to be.

Before I got married my fiancee knew I was a nudist and would continue to be a nudist after we were wed, and after 25 years of marriage she understands I ‘ll stay a nudist.

She is not a nudist. As well, my kids aren’t nudist. Lucky for me my family understands being bare is the way I’m comfortable, and don’t mind that I am constantly nude. I always loved being nude, and always will.

I’ve been a nudist for 49 years and no way I’d ever alter.

Buffalo, New York
Breaking Down Barriers

On a recent trip to a Florida beach resort, while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, the incredible craving to be nude in the water was too much to suppress. I found myself out beyond any other swimmers and removed my trunks. I remained there for what seemed like hours loving the feel of the water plus a liberty like I ‘ve never experienced before.

I’m a 51 year old man and never would have thought to do something like that in a private pool let alone the Gulf. The exhilaration I felt left an indelible image of the freedom and awareness of one with nature that I wish to continue.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

Upon returning home I instantly joined AANR and am actively seeking a local resort to visit. It’s going to be my first “official” exposure (no pun intended) to a naturist environment and I welcome any suggestions.

Thank you for opening up a brand new phase in my entire life.

Downingtown, Pennsylvania

A Model Nudist, Part One

I was raised in an extremely modest dwelling. Total nudity was confined to the restroom and only consisted of shower or bath time. I don’t recall ever seeing anyone else in the house nude. Maybe that is why nudity fascinated me as a teenager (beyond the ordinary curiosity about sex, etc.).

Somewhere around seventh grade, I started reading fantasy novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Conan books by Robert E. Howard. The covers of these paperback books featured brilliant paintings by Frank Frazetta or Boris Vallejo. A lot of them included nudity by members of both genders. The nudity wasn’t of a sexual nature; the characters in the paintings were involved in other tasks. Many of them involved fight, where I figured nudity was undoubtedly not advantageous.

The narratives in the novels featured scenes of casual nudity fairly frequently, particularly the Martian books of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Both John Carter (from World) and the Martian characters believed nothing of running around in the altogether. Actually, the John Carter character’s system of transportation to Mars consistently demanded him waking up bare somewhere on the planet. My youthful head wondered what such a location would be like, where one could be free to be oneself and not be embarrassed.

I had just heard of “nudist colonies” as if they were a distant happening (the film “A Shot in the Dark” being the most notable reference). In high school, I heard rumors that there was a nudist camp somewhere in our county, but in the days before the Net, a teenager like me had no clue where to go to find out more.

I eventually graduated high school and went off to college.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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While I was there , I met a young lady who was an art major. She mentioned in passing that she drew naked models in her figure drawing course. The notion of modeling for such a category was both frightening and exciting at exactly the same time. I ventured over to the art building and saw a sheet on a bulletin board advertisements for versions. They were paying five dollars, which, at the time, was better than any other occupation I really could get. I went to the Tuesday evening open figure drawing session and made an attempt to attract the female model there. My drawings were horrible, but I wasn’t too interested in drawing. I needed to witness a session and see how the model acted, was treated, etc. It took me awhile to collect the guts to sign up as a model myself, but I finally did.

I got a call from the coordinator of that open session. His model had canceled for that night, and he wanted someone to cover. I taken somewhat unwillingly. Once I hung up the telephone, I realized that the course started in under an hour. I took a long walk around campus before entering the studio. There were just two women who’d shown up to attract that night. It was election night, and I’m sure lots of people stayed home to watch the returns.

I didn’t even have a robe, but the female model I ‘d found had not had one either. I just stripped down beside the modeling platform. I got down to my underwear, took a heavy breath, and slipped them away. There I was. Both women didn’t run screaming that there clearly was a nude man in the room. I took my poses and got more comfortable as the evening went on.

-Dan H.
Fort Worth, Texas
Surprised the Supervisor

My lovely wife and I were interested in trying out the nudist experience. While in Ohio, on holiday, we decided to see Paradise Gardens (outside Cincinnati). When we drove up the road, passed through the gates and found a parking place, we could not see the office, merely a hint pointing to where it was. Getting out of the vehicle, we shucked our clothes, grabbed a towel and went searching for the office.

When we explained to the supervisor that we were neophytes, she exclaimed, “This is your first time and you are already nude!”

Yes, we were, and we certainly appreciated our say at the gardens.

OY VEY! My Jewish Mother

I was raised by a Jewish mom who instructed me that showing skin was the worst thing on earth. She also instilled in me that my body was definitely not amazing or perfect. I heard it all the time. Cover up. I even had to wear shoes in the house when visitors came, because my toes were “odd looking” in her eyes.

At 25, my then boyfriend told me about a nude beach he was going to every weekend. (Pirates Cove in Malibu). He wanted me to go with him. I believed he was crazy. I resisted at first, but then he finally talked me into it. He assured we would leave if I couldn’t handle it.

I scaled the rocks with trepidation. We got onto the seashore, I threw my stuff on the sand, looked around and went WOW! It took me maybe 20 seconds to take my clothing off. That whole summer was like the summertime which I fell in love with myself and my body for the first time ever.

At the end of the summertime, we broke up; and I never went to another nude beach or resort until I was 42. I missed it. I felt like something was missing. No one would go with me. Eventually, at 42, some buddies admitted to me that they were ; and that they belong to Glen Eden. My reaction was pure delight.

I begged them to take me. We arranged it for the subsequent weekend. I was so excited that I made myself sick. Nothing was going to stop me. I went anyhow, and that was the day I rediscovered myself-the day I became extremely living and whole again. That was 1993. Today, I live in a nudist resort in Land O’ Lakes, Florida; and I am so lucky in order to dwell here. As a single gal, I feel safe.

Land O’ Lakes, Florida
We Never Looked Back

We were curious, anxious and scared, all at the same time. We studied various options and picked “The Terra Cotta Inn” at Palm Springs for our first time excursion. Once we walked in, it was obvious this was not going to be our regular vacation. We were shown around the grounds by Mary Clare and then went to our room to get unpacked.

After a few minutes, we ventured out and my wife was confident she would leave the bottom half of her swim suit on. After less than 5 minutes, she saw that she was the sole individual with anything on and quickly took them away.

On that first trip, we met fantastic people that have become life long friends and can not envision life without nude diversion.

For those who have thought of trying it, stop thinking and begin planning. You will not regret it.

This Altered My Life

One day when my parents were not home I was in my robe alone in the house. I would get two weeks home alone and it was summer so when they left I went outside and allow the robe drop to the earth. I understood the cool summer breeze and the way it felt so great so I got into the hot tub. Amazing!

For the remainder of that summer I did not put on garments. My parents were frightened in the beginning but they realized this was what made me joyful.

Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Dale Creeps into a Nudist Camp

My story is nicely over 3000 words, but you can read it at

-Dale Lund
Branson, Missouri
A Newbie at Social Nudism

Being nude outdoors for the first time proved to be a real experience. I started off with taking my
pet out. I simply wore a shirt that went down to below the crotch. I really liked the cool breeze that reached parts of me that
had never felt a cool breeze. All I can say is
“WOW.” It felt so great that I needed more.

So I reversed the buttons all down the front. That let in more coolness, and I only felt the “WOW even more powerful. My head just said do it. So I
took off the top and there I was fully
bare to the cool breeze. The “”WOW”” was even
more intense. My head merely said yes, yes, yes.

I should stop messing around and only confess
I am now a nudist. I’ve consistently appreciated being
nude whenever possible. Now I’m a nudist with
the strong desire to do it with others of a like mind and disposition.

WOW, what a fantastic feeling!

First Awakening

At the office, my supervisor and coworker resided near the best beach on Long Island and requested me to join his family for a beach day, so I concurred. It turned out to be a private beach, the town’s only resident shore. Jones Beach is very conservative, so Jim told me to walk far left at the shoreline. In minutes I saw folks standing by a 10 ft totem pole, they all were nude and had long ponytails, along with a sign said “clothes optional.”

We spread a blanket, friends went nude in a casual way, I sat and wondered what to do. Jim said take off your suit. Not going, he said take it away and take pleasure in the waves. I did, and the gusty waves on my body proved to be a completely new life consciousness.

I have never been the same inhibited soul after that. Nature was a blast, there all the time, and the gift was mine.

-Louis P.
NYC, New York
First Time For us both

A couple of years ago, I started to be drawn to social nudity. I loved being nude since I was around 10. I had to slip out of family nudism photos ‘s when I slept, then sneak back into them. Purely a textile family.

Well, around the time that I turned 48 I decided I wanted to understand more, and began surfing sites. AANR, etc. From this I discovered Hidden River Resort in north Florida.

I’d get information from the AANR website, and various Christian Nudist newsgroups, and then forward that information to my wife. She was open to trying. So one day we decided to head to Hidden River Resort in north Florida.

We arrived and with plenty of trepidation, got a tour of the facilities. Later we paid the fees, and drove onto the property.

Within only several moments, I was undressed and feeling free. My wife yet went considerably slower. She’d shorts on and a towel around her top.

We chose to walk the routes first. As we walked she asked how I felt. “Isn’t it strange?” I shared how freeing it was. We afterward saw another bare couple, and nothing happened! We said hello – and discussed a couple of minutes – and it wasn’t weird. It was extremely quite natural. As we left them, my wife’s towel came off.

Then she looked at me and said “Lets go to the pool.” I was surprised – she had to be nude.

We went back to the car, and she freely undressed, and we walked to the outside showers. “Naked as jay birds.”

It was great – we spent a number of hours in the pool, hanging out as well as discussing. What a great day trip – amazing people, and the hostess was top notch!

If you arer worried about becoming aroused, or others seeing you – do not be. When you get your clothes off – we all look the same!

Thanks AANR for the info you provided. Thank you Hidden River for the fantastic intro and also the ease of which you helped us into our comfort zone. Thank you CNC and also the other Christian newsgroups for helping us see that we can still have our faith – and enjoy social nudity.

Now – we are always looking forward to our next visits, and we’re slowly introducing our family and friends to the lifestyle.

Why Did It Take Me So Long?

On a cruise of northern European capitols several years back, we spent a day riding bikes along the Baltic shore near Warnemunde. We paused to take a look at the ocean and understood we were above a nude beach. First, we saw a youthful and fit couple. Subsequently we saw people who looked like me, mature and not so appropriate.

I decided that I needed to skinny dip for the very first time in my adult life. My wife didn’t join me then. At the water’s edge, I removed my clothes and within minutes felt comfortable and free while swimming in the sea.

Since then, we’ve joined AANR, visited clubs in the U.S. and Europe and I often skinny dip throughout the summer. I’ve discovered that if I swim enough in the morning, I ‘ve the lake to myself. Now I can not believe that I ‘d to become old in order to feel comfortable in my skin.