Many years ago I was reading through the little paper that our city puts out to advertise community events.

I found that our local art facility offered a non-instructed life drawing class in which artists could show up with their preferred sketching media, pay a fee, and be provided with a nude model for three hours. I wondered what it’d be like to be that version, so I rode my bike down there to implement. They hired me on the spot and asked me to cover the class for the subsequent Saturday.

It’s typical of me to jump before I look, and so on the way home I began to realize that I had no clue what an artwork model does, since I ‘d never been to this type of course. . I never took ballet or view in school. I ride horses and go camping and backpacking. So when I got home I made some phone calls and found a school art instructor who gave me some hints over the telephone. That Saturday I showed up to see about 15 adults milling about drinking Starbucks.

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After the initial launches, I stepped up on the little stage and disrobed to began my first ever models. The amusing thing is that I was incredibly nervous all morning until I took my clothes off. Once naked, I felt relaxed and comfortable and could feel myself taking charge of things. It was excellent!

A few days later the faculty art instructor called me back to see how things had gone. I told her I ‘d adored it and that several of the artists had commented that I was the very best model they had ever seen. She said, Great! So come work for me. Ill see you next Wednesday. After that my phone was nearly calling off the hook from other teachers with job offers. I wound up modeling all around town for a little over two years until I retired from it to god-fearing my time to a new horse with discipline problems that demanded a lot of focus.

All in all it was a fantastic time in my entire life that left me with many fun stories to tell when I’m a little old lady in the retirement home.

Before I get on with the story of how our first nudist experience changed the union that my

loving husband and I appreciated for years, I’d like to point out that this isn’t us in this graphic. This is really a fun-loving German couple that helped our marriage shift and evolve into something entirely new. All thanks to our last holiday and all the fun that we had in Spain.
Everything began sometime last spring when my husband and I were arranging our next holiday. It’s been our small custom to go to the Mediterranean but even the most delightful portion of the world can get a little monotonous after a couple of years. We’ve been everywhere, from North Africa to turkey and we had heaps of fun everywhere. But south beach topless chose to do something completely different and we decided that a great idea would be to try out nudism. We had some friends who did this and they always told us how it was great. Plus, we both got into contour over the prior half a year and we actually felt comfortable. I mean, we were still in our prime and we were certain that we’d not be a sore sight for anyone.
We located this great resort in Spain and we booked our holiday. When we got there, we started believing that we were perhaps overly daring as all those naked bodies intimidated us a bit. Still the folks there understood the way to treat first timers and there was no one demanding us to get naked the very instant we stepped on the property of the resort. And it worked. By the end of our second day, we were sunbathing nude and we were loving it. I can let you know as a girl that it’s freedom that cannot be matched by anything else. Not needing to wear those annoying bikinis or swimsuits really liberates a woman as well as the sunshine and water feel great on the breasts as well as the clit. It feels sexual and sensual all at the exact same time.
And then, the 3rd day, we met the couple form the picture, Eric and Greta, a fantastic couple from Bohn, Germany who were regular guests at the resort. They were roughly the same age as us and we overheard them talking about a picture me and my husband appreciated very much. It turned out that they spoke perfect English and that they were searching for new couples to meet there. I immediately discovered that Greta had an amazingly round and fit ass and that her pussy was all shaven and very alluring. I really could say that as a female. I cannot even imagine what my husband believed.
Regardless, we spent the the next couple of days together, doing everything together and after some time, you stop noticing that you’re all nude all of the time. In fact, I stopped noticing when my husband brushed against Greta or when Eric brushed against me. And yet, there was always this electricity. And then, one day, two days before we were about to leave, we asked them if they felt that same electricity that the two of us felt and they told us that they did. This never occurred to them in all their years at the resort and after several drinks, we decided to do something about it.
I usually do not need to show any of the aspects, but let us just say that it was the craziest night of our lives and that it was more fun than you can imagine. There was no awkwardness as well all saw each other naked before and it was insanely enjoyable. It was likewise hot as hell as Eric and Greta definitely knew what they were doing and we weren’t half bad either. We spent the next night together as well and we’ve remained in touch. We’re seriously contemplating making this a regular thing and it has really brought new life to our marriage.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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Not that we were in a slump, but nudism combined with swinging is the best thing ever.

I ‘ve a buddy Tasha whom Ive known since my college days. I’m very much fond of her

, for in my opinion she has everything I lack – than me to begin with, and then she is an adventurer.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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She’s this streak in her, always being on top of the planet. So it doesnt come as a major surprise that shes constantly surrounded by a crowd of admirers. But I can say that being her friend for so many years must have rubbed off on me by now -this friendship changed me in a great way, and now I ‘m more open to new opportunities. I let myself go from time to time, saying yes to most ridiculous things -like that movie with Jim Carrey, should you know what Im talking about.
So this one time me and Tasha we were spending a weekend by the riverside. Tasha called me a night before and advised me that a bunch of her buddies from squash classes she’d lately taken to were encouraging her to join them in their own field trip. She wasn’t participating in the competition, being a newcomer, but she was very much welcome to come along and bring her plus one.
The majority of the day we would be left to our own resources. Wed go out and have a light brekkie, then go to a beach and spend the remainder of the day there while Tashas friends were active at the parties. In the evening they would join us on the beach and later in the day wed reach a club.
We were having as much fun as we possibly could for the first two days, and then, all of a sudden, Tasha came up with one of her fads, and this time it was about going stark naked on a public beach. She wasn’t cool enough, you wee, with sunbathing topless most of the day, which already had made us a number of on the beach.
I knew that with Tasha it was no sooner said than done, and so I brazed myself and set my head on making it to the ending of the day no matter what, thanking heavens above that tomorrow we would be leaving home.
It still took me a few beers in the morning to get used to the notion of following my skin-nude buddy to the shore. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Mrs. Grundy -if I had a body like Tashas, why, Id expose it on every occasion! So I figure understanding how much hotter she looked with her magnificent palpable tits and toned backside was getting to me in a way. An excellent thing though that I was able to shrug it away and have some genuinely great time in the organization of my buddy at the end of the day!
But on top of everything, Tashas squash playmates were supposed to truly have a day off their sparring and might join us on the beach as early as forenoon. I was not in any way sure at how they’d take Tashas nudity -to me it was asking for trouble and being downright provocative.
The first thing Tasha did when we came to the beach that day was taking off her swimsuit top, just like she did a day before that. As usual, she turned heads of a dozen of guys that were enjoying a Sunday day within our closeness. My friend, however, did not look as courageous as she had the day before; it wasn’t too long before she started nagging me to take off at least my top. She was going on and on about me being all blindfolded and narrow minded, but that wasnt a furtive earth to plow. What finally got me was the manner Tasha said that to her I seemed hot. Damn it girl, – she said, – Youre way hotter than I ‘m, what are you so darn aware about?! To say that these words got me by surprise is to say naught of it.
For starters, my thighs are on the fatter side and an object of my lifetime displease together with the way I look; my breasts could be more considerable, also, but one thing I can say for them is they are nicely shaped. I ‘ve an hourglass figure that I know a lot of guys take for an eye candy, but I guess thats about it.
Oh well what can I say, another beer -and I was match When I ignored my bikini top I felt like my very nerves were denuded. But against my worst anticipations, nobody got to pointing fingers at me or sneering; more than that, later that day one of Tashas buddies complimented me on the shape of my breasts.
Tasha lost her bikini bottom as soon as I took off my top; the two of us made the discussion of the shore. I wasn’t that fond of the encounter though -absolutely this feeling didn’t allow me to relax till the rest of the day, and when Tashas team mates came along I felt totally embarrassing. But this experience brought me the comprehension of what nudists see in this pastime -really it takes a unique area to be bare with the nature around you and a crowd of soulmates. Perhaps someday I’ll try it again!

Focus all nudists! When you go hiking, always bring a compassand a towel!

I learned this lesson the hard way.
It was late springtime in 2001 and I decided to investigate the hills over the brand new Elysium property in Malibu, California. Elysium had relocated just a few months before from its 30-year home in Topanga after the daughters of its late creator, Ed Lange, determined to sell.

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Betty and Sandy Meltzer, longtime Elysium Board members, had purchased 27 acres of largely undeveloped land about 20 miles to the west and relocated the nudist resort there.
The Malibu property was adjacent to what hikers know as The Backbone Trail, a 100-mile footpath that snakes through the Santa Monica Mountains and rings the Los Angeles basin. The most popular trail provides hikers and nature lovers a spectacular way to relish the area’s flora and fauna in its natural state. This particular day was overcast, yet warm, a perfect day to really go hiking, or so I believed. I’d trekked the Malibu property and parts of the Backbone Trail many times before and never ran into anybody. Ordinarily I’d wear tennis shoes plus a baseball cap and carry a bottle of water and a towel (just in case I ran into someone). These days, however, I wanted to be adventurous. I wanted to hike without wearing or carrying anything, to be completely nude! No tennis shoes, no towel, no baseball cap, no water bottle. Nothing but the trail and me.
As I had done many times before, I walked beyond the property line and onto the Backbone Trail. As I progressed on my hike, I started to see the fog rolling in from the shore. It wasn’t long before I made a decision to turn around and head back. Perhaps half an hour or so later, the fog had rolled in so that the visibility I had was no more than ten feet. After another hour or so, I realized I was walking around in circles. I did not know which way was West (the ocean) and I couldn’t locate the Elysium Property. Additionally , I started to worry because the temperature regularly falls dramatically in the evenings in the hills of Malibu.
What if I cant find my way back during daylight? I continued on the trail, now going in a direction I just knew was wrong. After another hour or so, I heard what sounded like farm equipment, a tractor maybe. Afterward a house appeared out of the fog. I considered to myself, I got two picks. If I go down the hill to the house, the individuals there may telephone the police. If I stay up on the trail, I may still be walking after the sun goes down and freeze. I made the choice to go down the hill toward the home.
As I continued down the hill, I saw a guy along with a woman. I stopped and I yelled you-who! As the man and girl looked up and saw me I said, Im lost and I need a towel. I went on to say I’m not crazy. follow let me hike bare on their property.
Then I smiled. The woman said that she would get me a towel and walked to the home. The guy just looked up at me and did not say a thing.
When the woman came back with a towel plus a t-shirt, I continued my walk down the hill and toward their property. I thanked the woman as I wrapped the towel around my waist and put on the t shirt. I then inquired which way was the road. The woman pointed and said, Its that manner. have often wondered what went through the head of that woman. I guess she could have just as easily called the police as help me. On the other hand, living up in a remote section of the Santa Monica Mountains, Ill wager she’s seen a lot of strange things and met lots of fascinating individuals who have wandered off the Backbone Trail. I am only able to suppose what her version of the encounter is when she tells her friends about the day a naked guy came down the hill toward their home and asked for a towel and directions. On the flip side, maybe she didn’t believe it was uncommon at all. Ill never know.
If you ever find yourself bare and lost in the mountains, just remain calm, and remember, occasionally a huge grin will cover a lot!

Nudism isn’t a faith.

The feature of a religion is blind faith in an intangible. Belief in something which cannot be established.

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Nudism is a way of life and also a kind of diversion. Nothing else. The advantages in the form of physical and mental health are concrete and easily demonstrated. The person who started this movement to get nudism declared a faith clearly did not believe it through. As things stand in today’s political climate a nudist religion could not be practiced on public property, an ever growing amount of real estate, nor could it even be mentioned in schools. While sexually oriented nudity could still be revealed in the movies and TV wholesome, family oriented nudism being a religion could not. These three things are essential to the development of family nudism. 1) More public lands ought to be set aside for clothes discretionary use 2) nudism should be taught in school as a perfectly adequate alternate way of and diversion and Social Studies courses should introduce pupils to the various states, largely former Socialist Block nations, who embrace nudity 3) nudity ought to be portrayed in the movies as well as on television as being perfectly normal and natural rather than being sexually charged and titillating.

Hello to all, this is my first post on this particular newsgroup and it comes after my first visit to a clothing optional resort.

My first naked exterior encounter occurred when I was probably 10. My cousins dared me to run around our grandma’s house nude. I took the challenge and loved it. I have looked for opportunities to be nude outside ever since. However, being raised in a conservative family and now married to an excellent girl who was also raised conservatively I haven’t had many opportunities.
I am nude around the home as much as possible, but this is becoming restricted nowadays as our daughter is getting old and our old-fashioned breeding and notions of modesty are causing me to be clothed more around her. The cover up was causing me to go a little crazy though, I needed to be naked someplace. I was doing stupid things, going naked in areas that if I was caught I could get in trouble.
All that said, the wife and children were out of town this weekend, so I took the chance to go to a clothing optional resort nearby and try it out for a little while.
I ‘d two chief issues going in, one of which had been comforted by reading other posts on this newsgroup. I was afraid of acquiring an erection.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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Did not happen, not even close. My other concern, and guys you’ll appreciate this, was that after swimming, exercise, or simply being nervous my dick and testicles shrivel up and I feel like I look as a five year old. I was fearful that the anxiousness associated with my first experience being naked freely would cause this to happen and I ‘d be self concious about perceived size. A fast check of the specific situation about five full minutes before I arrived affirmed that panic. I was anxious and so were the lads. However, after a fast tour together with the owner and checking in for the day I was feeling fairly relaxed. Less worried about a first experience and more pleased with the opportunity to do something that I knew I needed to do. Without nervousness or reluctance I parked the car and used it as my locker. With people walking around both clothed and bare and stripped off right there and headed for the pool. And I’m happy to report the boys were hanging loose, so anxiety amount two turned out to be a non variable.
As for the visit itself, it was so so. I went alone, and while the people were friendly and said hello, most kept to themselves. There was not much going on at the time. There were probably 30 to 40 folks round the pool and that was . No one was in the hostel or hot tub, so the pool and lounge deck where the only choices for socializing.
All in all is was a great experience. Like most who post about their very first time, my nervousness was gone very quickly. Now I simply need to convince my wife that it’s recommended for her to try it.